Foundation Composite Walls debut at Wisconsin Builders Conference

Foundation Composite Walls debut at Wisconsin Builders Conference


The most innovative product building product since the introduction of plywood made its debut this past week at the Wisconsin Builders Conference in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Tabbed as the cutting edge alternative to concrete walls, Foundation Composite Walls made quite an impression builders and distributors throughout the two day event. Dan Wojtusik, Director of Product Development for Foundation Composite Walls, was overtaken by the positive response. “We knew we had designed a product that was capable of solving many of the current issues posed when constructing a basement but we had no idea how positive the response to the product would be. Simply put the team at Composite Panel Systems is elated by the early acceptance of the product.”

Foundation Composite Walls are a high performance concrete wall replacement product that incorporates a vapor barrier, stud cavities, R-15 Insulation, top plate and a structure that is nearly 3x stronger than concrete.

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