Don’t Take our Word for It

Hear what our happy clients have to say.

Doug – Mondovi, WI

“Using an 80% efficiency furnace for temporary heat in the basement during construction. Runs less than 30% of the time. It’s amazing. There’s nothing else like this basement.”

Jim – Tomahawk, WI

“Think it’s the way to go. If I were building again tomorrow, I’d use it again.”

Bob – Pennsylvania

“Using basement as workshop while I build the rest of the house. Heats up easy and holds heat. Love it. Very comfortable.”

Grandon – Bayfield, WI

“Holds heat. Very impressed. Used fiberglass mesh and stucco for the exterior covering. Turned out nice.”

Roger – Antigo, WI

“No condensation. I leave the access open and the basement stays warm just from the heat from upstairs.”

Jerry – Eagle River, WI

“I didn’t run my de-humidifier all summer because the basement was so dry and comfortable – that’s the biggest difference I’ve noticed so far compared with other homes I’ve owned.”

Bruce – Sugar Camp, WI

“Before this home, I built and lived in the home on the adjacent lot that featured an ICF basement. My EPITOME basement is noticeably more comfortable, dry and pleasant.  My wife comments on that all the time.”

Dick – Lac Du Flambeau, WI

“I set up a fly tying shop in the basement and my wife has her puzzles and crafts area claimed.  EPITOME Walls extended our living space.  It doesn’t feel like a basement down there.”

Kris – Three Lakes, WI

“The EPITOME walls bring a whole new perspective.  First of all, it makes me see that our Milwaukee home is not as good as I thought.  It makes me notice the weaknesses of poured concrete.”

Scott – Wausau, WI

“Heats up right away, stays dry & holds heat making it very comfortable! The kids used the basement all summer.”

Randy – Three Lakes, WI

“I didn’t have any frost build-up during winter construction.  Wouldn’t be the case with a concrete wall.”

Steve – Arbor Vitae, WI

“Does not feel damp down there like a concrete basement.”


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