About Composite Panel Systems – Eagle River, WI

Foundation Composite Walls

Foundation Composite Walls are an approved building product Open for Business, right here in Wisconsin!


Composites are the solution to replace the antiquated system of vertically installed concrete walls.

As the building industry continues its climb back from the recession, both individuals and business owners have learned a few important things; namely, that we must continue to look for ways to stay LEAN yet EFFICIENT, which means optimizing our resources. Said differently, how do we do more with less while maintaining a profitable, productive, and reputable business?

There are likely a handful of solutions to help achieve those goals. A new product and/or a process improvement may be near the top of that list. Foundation Composite Walls is one of those solutions.

Glenn Schiffmann - Inventor

A lifetime resident of northern Wisconsin, Glenn Schiffmann believes strongly in combining quality construction with competitive pricing, backed by a professional organization. His entrepreneurial background is extensive: a developer of business and cultivator of opportunities. Schiffmann’s expertise spans multiple building and construction-related companies as well as real estate development. Recognized regionally, he is acknowledged as a leader in the construction business, possessing an acute understanding of methods, products, and business techniques as they relate to construction as well as planning and zoning issues. In these areas, and in the domain of his commitment to the community, Schiffmann is recognized by area leaders and government officials.

Custom Components of Eagle River, Inc., was formed by Glenn Schiffmann, as Founder, President and CEO, in 1990. The original business plan was to provide open wall framing packages (shells) to other residential and light commercial builders in the Eagle River area. Currently employing designers, drivers, accountants, clerical, administrative, manufacturing, sales, field crew, and maintenance personnel, the firm services builders and general contractors throughout northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In the fall of 2001, Schiffmann established a new corporate identity to take charge of Custom Components’ emerging general residential and commercial contracting business. This new company, CornerStone Custom Builders, Inc., has built up to 100 homes per year. Today, CornerStone is the principal contractor for 120 area subcontractors.

Glenn’s vision has taken CPS Panels from the concept stage through research and development, testing, market analysis, and intellectual property protection. He is the manager of Composite Panel Systems, LLC, and oversees all aspects of the project.

The Need for a Solution

Is it time to introduce a better way to build? Is it time to incorporate engineered, high performance, composite materials into our living space – materials that offer clean and comfortable living space – materials with tremendous R-values – materials that offer energy savings that will help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels?

Solution is Found in High Performance Composites

Composites offer incredible performance, having gained the trust of engineers in aviation many years ago. The material can withstand extreme pressure and temperature changes with favorable expansion and contraction rates.

Composites are trusted by the marine industry, where impact resistance and watertight qualities are paramount.

Corvette cars have used composites from the very beginning for their light weight and strength characteristics. High performance composites are all around us and they have been for years.

The military uses composites for their ballistic panels as the replacement for steel. The lightweight characteristics make the ships faster, using less energy to travel. Structurally sound and dependable, composites are trusted materials for infrastructure where corrosion has been a concern in applications such as bridges.


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