Composite Panel Foundation Install

Composite Panel Foundation Install


February 25th, 2014

The day before the largest snow storm of the year Composite Panel Systems successfully installed another of its high acclaimed composite Foundations. The crew traveled south to the shores of Lake DuBay on what turned out to be a picture perfect February morning for this 291 LF basement installation. The building plans included three window openings, two beam pockets, thirteen corners and 109 LF of frost wall all of which took the three man team less and 3 hours to install. Larry Hunt of Hunt Construction put it best, “There is absolutely no way a concrete foundation could have been installed in these extreme winter conditions without incurring significant expense”. He went on to say that the installation was “quite simple and easy for anyone skilled in the trade to understand. From the fastening to a traditional footer right up to the double top plate set on a machined composite edge this is the slickest invention I have seen in construction in my lifetime”

Foundation Composite Walls are an innovative replacement for concrete basement walls that combine insulation, vapor barrier, stud framing, 9′ high structure and double top plate in one easily installed step. To learn more visit our website at


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